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Seria Deconectat #129 • UNIFORMA live la UZINA

Seria Deconectat #129 • UNIFORMA live la UZINA

• Sâmbătă, 26 martie 2022
• Ora: 19:30
• UZINA – str. Piața Amzei nr.5, București
• Acces: 40 lei
• Rezervări: contact@uzinacoffee.ro
• Întrucât numărul de locuri este limitat, vă rugăm să faceți rezervări din timp, pe email.
Uniforma are an Romanian post punk /new wave duo formed in Bucharest in 2015.The band sound is a mixture of old school punk fuzzed guitar riffs and vocals, combined with highly synthetized sounds from the same source ,guitar is splitted in to a secondary unit that produce all the bass synth stuff plus midi signals.
Their songs has been noted for their extremely energetic and fast tempo. The name of the band was inspired by the school uniforms that everyone was required to wear in the communist regime of dictator Ceausescu.
The band started as a studio project of Janin Pasniciuc , known as the guitar player and cofounder of several rock bands like AB4 ,ZEBRE and DEKADENS and the producer and sound engineer for artist like MICHALE GRAVES (ex MISFITS), KONQISTADOR (Detroit U.S.A), MOLOTOV COCKTAIL (U.S.A) ECSTASY of URIEL (CA) or native bands like STEAUA DE MARE, ENDLESS ZONE, EMIL, PISTOL CU CAPSE ,OLIVER.
Due to lack of time the project was put aside, Janin was touring alot , both as a guitarist, and as a sound engineer in the country as U.S.A (Texas SXSW 2009), Canada (C.MW 2009,2012) but also in Europe , Germany, Macedonia even Moscow, Russia. At one point the project was resumed and now the band is in the studio finishing their debut album.

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