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Rasnita Automata Wilfa Uniform WSFBS-100B Black

1,999 lei

Wilfa Uniform is an automatic coffee grinder developed in collaboration with Tim Wendelboe. Uniform is recommended especially for pour-over methods, however, it works also for espresso. With the Wilfa SVART Uniform grinder, you can grind coffee beans neatly and swiftly. The conical blades of the grinder ensure an even result with all levels from fine to coarse. With this grinder, you get a suitable grind for a french press as well as filter coffee, pot coffee and espresso amongst others.

  • 58 mm wide stainless steel flat burr conical blade, made in Italy.
  • A precise grind dial with 41 steps, from french press to espresso.
  • Extremely durable – made with cast aluminum and steel.
  • Automatically stops grinding.
  • A metallic grind container, that reduces the static electricity in the coffee.
  • Integrated scale – measures with an accuracy of 0.1 grams.
  • iPhone and Android applications for settings and selecting uses.

Weight: 4kg
Dimensions: 378 x 202 x 202mm
Color: black
Producer: Wilfa


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